Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs (A Perfect Road Trip Pet Companion)

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Product Details

Comfort and protection comes from your precious dog

When it’s family time, it’s also dog time. If you have a dog (or multiple dogs), you’re probably all too familiar with bringing your beloved friends along for the ride in the car. But as much fun it is to bring your dogs along for beach trips, hikes, or road trips, the cleanup absolutely sucks, especially if you don’t have the right protection for your seats.

Comfort, fun, and protection come from the dog when it is family time, it is also dog time. If you have a dog (or many dogs), you may be very familiar with driving your beloved for a perfect road trip companion. It is as exciting as walking on the beach, taking a walk, or taking a dog on the road But cleaning your car afterward a wonderful drive can be difficult, especially if the seats are not maintained properly.

No more scratches or dog hair

Our dog seat cover helps cover the back seat of your car an easy and simple snap-and-go seat cover that protects the vehicle from dog hair, scratches and scratches.

Dog owners love this cover, but also dogs love it too. With 3 layers of padding, it has one of the most elegant comfortable dog seat covers. For this price, this is one of the most affordable options in a dog car seat cover. And I have to say that the value exceeds the value of money. So, considering all these products, it is undoubtedly one of the best covers for dog car seat.

A cushy fit for a king (or queen)

Our covers are carefully designed with love. They are styled with a waterproof coating, 600D polyester Oxford fabric, thermoplastic polyurethane, soft cotton, and a non-slip net. Your dog can be very relaxed and comfortable while traveling in the car for hours or just a few minutes to a grocery store.

The hammock-shaped design contains detailed marine details and is highly breathable, making it suitable for any type of environment. The mesh connection is designed to cover the space between the front and back seats of the vehicle. Helps to keep your dog close to you, even if you the dog is separated in the back seat. This sympathetic thoughtful design can reduce anxiety and fear of animals in the car.

Snap and anchor

The car seat is steady and will stay intact no slipping – unless if your dog is dancing and having tremendous fun while riding with you.

Storage for added comfort

The cover has two pockets built-in and included for the essentials of the animal such as leash and snacks.

Easy to remove, clean, and store

When you’re done, just take the seat cover from the car by removing it from the car head hooks.
For cleaning, you can vacuum the fabric, hand wash it, or put it in the washing machine.
All seat cushions are foldable and easy to store.


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