Adjustable Baby Car Seat Head Support Band (A Comfortable Safe Sleep Solution Belt For Your Child)

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Product Details
Product Details

🍼Are you constantly adjusting your child’s head when he/she falls asleep in the car?🚗

⚡When kids go to sleep sitting up in the vehicle seat or seat booster, their heads begin flopping forward once they sleep. This makes their journey uncomfortable and much less secure. Over time, perhaps this may result in neck fatigue. This headband solves that problem!⚡

Just be a lifesaver

📌 Safety for youngsters! If there is no head support, the head will swing to and flow due to the movement of the car while the child is sleeping. In addition, this may hurt and damage the neck in the long run. Additionally, if there is an emergency brake the child’s neck may suddenly which may cause an injury.

Both moms and dads always worry about the safety of their sleeping kids as they nap in the car. With our  Baby Car Seat Head Support Band, parents will have peace of mind and focus on the road, without distraction. ⛔ 


📌An elastic band that is buckled won’t allow your infant’s head to fall forward.

This infant-head aid is appropriate for any infant seats, automobile seats, or pram strollers.

It’s a powerful way to shield your child and allow him/her to sleep in a safe and comfortable way.

📌 Soft cotton mimics the texture of a mother’s hand.

The fabric is breathable so your toddler doesn’t sweat or be uncomfortable.

📌  The head support bands come in four different colors for both girls and boys.

Choose from 4 cute, appealing designs that your toddler will surely love!

Size: 8.4 x 4 x 1.1 inches

Help your child’s head from bobbing around at the same time as he/she sleeps in the car or stroller.

Buy yours NOW!


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